At one of our meetings, everything revolved around Psalm 23. We started with a prayer and a small devotion. Afterwards we exchanged ideas in smaller groups, painted and created our own pictures to this Psalm.

It was a quiet and meditative time, where we enjoyed to follow our thoughts, to exchange and to be creative.

Suddenly the lady sitting next to me put her hand on my arm and said with tears in her eyes: “You can’t imagine what it means for us to have time for ourselves in the middle of the day and to sit here in silence. Thank you for that.”

Childcare during the programs is very important. It means for the women to have time and a little space for themselves, to take a deep breath, to exchange with like-minded people, to be accepted and encouraged.

It was also very nice that all women dared to present their “works of art” in the group and talk about themselves and their lives. In this way we get closer, understanding for others and the feeling of not being alone with our worries can grow and friendships can develop.

At the explicit request of the women, we always end our meetings with an extensive prayer time. The desire for prayer for personal con-cerns and needs is very strong. We as a team are very grateful if we can be a blessing in this area as well