Learn to Earn

The Learn to Earn program is a major educational project of our association. The “Work Readiness Courses” conducted are designed to help participants get and keep a job.

Clever Kids Logo

Clever Kids Homework Centre

Clever Kids Homework Center is a NGO registered in South Africa and located in the Masiphumelele township.


The project “Sonwabise Tese” is a leisure time offer for girls between 10 and 18 years. The weekly group sessions are a contact point for disadvantaged girls from Masiphumelele, they are encouraged and supported in their development.

Harvest Tuesday Club

In the Tuesday groups and soccer trainings, the boys are taught values such as honesty, self-control, respect and team spirit. We give them emotional and spiritual support and help them to find their identity.

Strong Women

The “Strong Women” project was founded to empower and encourage, further education and networking among women in the Masiphumelele township.

Holiday Club 2023

In July 2023, our first Holiday Clubs took place. One week for the girls and one week with the boys. In the middle of a cold, rainy winter, we were blessed with sunny, warmer days! It was great fun for everyone!

Our volunteers

Our volunteers are as diverse and colorful as our projects, enriching our groups with a variety of gifts and lots of good humor. It’s good that you’re here!

Crises Relief

In times of crisis, people who are already living in difficult circumstances increasingly need our help. We are grateful when we can help alleviate hardship.