In February 2020 our monthly women’s meeting took place again, in which 24 women participated. This time the topic was the use of home remedies and inexpensive help with injuries, illnesses and everyday complaints.

After the welcome we had a devotion about Abraham and Isaac.

Then we discussed the contents of the booklet, explained the household remedies and discussed and answered many questions together. It is astonishing that the healing powers of many plants, which are used quite naturally in the western world, are not known here and have to be explained in detail.

In order that everything they learned can also be applied at home, I put together a small guide in which diseases and the corresponding remedies are explained from A-Z. At the end of the event every woman received such a booklet (together with a cotton diaper, a tea filter and cloves).

Most of the women who attend our meetings are the mothers of the “Clever Kids” children.

They bring their children with them, who are looked after and fed by volunteers during the program, either outside or in another room. The children really like to have time to play together and the staff members have the opportunity for a closer and more personal exchange with the children, in addition to the normal “learning day”.