We run three different courses, which we advertise under the name “Work Readiness” course. We want to equip people to be able to find open jobs, apply for them and then keep their jobs.

The 1st (2-week) part of the courses is the same. Here, participants learn to find job openings (including on common, industry-related platforms), create marketable application documents, and apply for jobs. And all exclusively with their cell phones! Job interviews are practiced. More advanced job search support is also part of the courses.  

Parallel to the job search and the writing of applications, it is just as important to prepare the participants for the job market and to work on work-related topics, such as time management. We strengthen the participants’ self-confidence, help them overcome inner blocks, find their skills and boost their confidence.

The 2nd (also 2-week) part of the courses is the practical part and covers different areas of the job market. At the end of the course, each participant receives a certificate on the topics learned, which is helpful when looking for a job.

Housekeeping / Home Management

Here, students learn all the basics for successful house (domestic) keeping work. The course enables participants to work in private households, hotels, guesthouses, or as general cleaners (e.g. in offices, hospitals and schools).

Waitressing / Barista-Course:  

Participants learn the basics of the waitressing profession (like taking reservations, serving guests and cashiering) as well as how to prepare coffee using the large Barista coffee machine. Positions are offered in cafes and mobile coffee carts, restaurants, and events, for example. Also the possibilities of own business is very good in this sector.

Start your own Business                            

We provide necessary basic knowledge to successfully start and run a small business. Modules include: planning, costing and pricing, creating a budget, and marketing basics.