The “Learn to Earn” project is an educational project of our association, in which we offer different courses and seminars.

In the “Work Readiness” (Fit for the Job) courses conducted, participants learn to use their cell phones to create marketable resumes and apply for jobs. Job interviews are practiced. The spiritual part helps participants find their identity, overcome inner blocks and boost their self-confidence. Support in finding a job is also part of the course. 

The association with which we started the courses in 2022 had to lay off all its staff due to lack of funds. Rhoda, who already conducted these courses for other organizations as a trainer, I have come to appreciate as a very competent trainer. In the future, we will run courses together on our own. 

The previous courses have been shortened and combined with a 2-week internship part. The total duration of each course is 4 weeks and covers three different areas of the job market. Of course, the things learned, such as ironing or coffee preparation, are also practiced in practice. At the end of the course, each participant receives a certificate that will be helpful when looking for a job.