Help Packages

“It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20 V 35). This was the motto for the preparation of the first relief action in May 2020 and we were very happy to be able to relieve the distress of 39 families. The nerves of many families are bare. Hundreds of people are waiting in every corner of the township all day for food parcels from the government or an NGO (non-profit organisation).

In May we were able to support each family of our children for the first time with several bags full of food and hygiene products. It is such a joy to be able to help in these difficult times. We wish we could better express the gratitude and relief of the 45 families. In June, the food and hygiene package were even bigger as we also received donations from South Africa. So we could add more fruits and vegetables and more hygiene items.

In July we distributed aid packages to 78 families and the support is also planned for August. The families of our children are our first priority. However, the need is so great that we – in cooperation with the social worker who works in the township – have expanded our relief action.

Soup Kitchen

The situation in South Africa – easing despite rising infection rates (July 2020)
Under the pressure of the economy and the famine there were further relaxations of the government. Nevertheless, many have lost their jobs. People have been waiting in vain for the government’s promised aid measures for month. In the poor districts, there is little under-standing for the rules of distance and the wearing of masks. Insufficient knowledge about simple hygiene rules, cramped living conditions and the daily struggle for survival lead to the unchecked spread of the corona virus there. The borders to other countries are still closed. In the surroundings of Cape Town, especially the lack of many tourists is an economic disaster. Nothing will change in this regard in the near future.

To counteract the hunger, we started a soup kitchen in the Clever Kids-house at the end of June. On three days a week we prepared about 150 meals a day. The children come with their own plastic containers and pick up their lunch. But adults in need are also welcome to get food. It is heartwarming to look into all those grateful faces and to be able to help.

Since the need is so great, we have been cooking 4 days a week since the beginning of July. Meanwhile about 200 people come daily to get a warm meal.

Many thanks to all who have made these activities possible with their donations!

Status August 2020