The Founder

Hello, my name is Cavin Muodzi, I am 29 years old and I was born and raised in Zimbabwe.

Growing up in Zimbabwe, I was passionate about playing football and my dream was to be a great footballer one day. My potential was confirmed by many people, but unfortunately I experienced that realising a vision can be difficult when talent and passion are present but opportunities and resources are lacking.

In search of a better life, I moved to South Africa in 2012 and found employment as a waiter. I still work in this very good restaurant near Fish Hoek near Cape Town. Despite all the gratitude for this opportunity, my passion for football was still burning inside me. 

After realising that my dream of becoming a great footballer would not come true, the desire grew in me to help disadvantaged youth and give them opportunities that I did not have. 

It is important for me to be an example to them by living my life in a Godly way. So I try to exemplify and pass on to them the values of my life, such as ethics and morals, discipline, respect, honour, honesty, self-control and dedication.

The Project

Children in townships are confronted with drugs and crime on a daily basis. Many do not manage to escape the pitfalls that abound. Often they are left to fend for themselves, have no one to value them, care for them and be a role model for them.

It is a sad fact that, due to their poor living situation, they often do and feel things as right that have a very negative impact on their lives and future. Unfortunately, it is often quite normal for young people to support their families through crime, such as selling drugs. 

I started coaching football in Masiphumelele in 2015 with only four children. 

The financial challenge was great, as I had to manage the costs incurred with my private income. Very few of the players received and still receive minimal support from their parents. 

No matter how small the team was, they all gave their best and shared my opinion that with God’s help and our love for football, we can do anything. These children shared my passion and determination to succeed – regardless of whether they lacked the right equipment to play (clothes or shoes) or a vehicle to transport them. So I was also always looking for ways to get financial support to ensure that the project could continue and grow. 

Seeing the need of the children and my desire to help led to the foundation of the „Harvest Soccer Academy“ in 2016. 

Meanwhile, the academy consists of 65 players, who are divided into 5 age groups and train or play leagues on four different days of the week. Despite all the joy about the growth, we are of course also often financially challenged, as we are completely dependent on donations for the procurement of sportswear, shoes or the transport of the players.

Through „Harvest“, we not only keep the children off the streets and out of danger zones, we also teach them skills and give them the emotional and spiritual support they so desperately need.

The Trainers

Our passion was so inspiring that two other coaches gave their time and skills for free and joined the academy. 

As a team, we have a strong faith in God. We are convinced that with Him, anything is possible! As coaches, of course we want our teams to win. But it is just as important to us to strengthen the children’s faith in Jesus Christ. We also strive to help them learn life skills.